July 2012

trakt.tv comes to Apple TV

You may have noticed, but we try hard to keep making aTV Flash (black) better and better through regular software updates. Our update cycle philosophy has always been to provide frequent, steady improvements, and to resolve as many issues as we can get our hands on.

Today we are happy to release aTV Flash (black) 1.7 which, among other things, features seamless access to trakt.tv. trakt.tv is a free service that automatically tracks the movies and TV shows you watch, and provides recommendations for related content you may find interesting.

trakt.tv Scrobbling and Ratings

With our trakt.tv integration on the Apple TV, watched movies and TV shows are automatically 'scrobbled' back to your trakt.tv profile. You will also have the option to submit ratings for each video right from the Apple TV menu. Support for 2-way sync is also in the works, and will be available in a future version.  

To learn more about trakt.tv, or to signup for a free account, please visit http://trakt.tv/.

Easily send Movie and TV Show ratings to trakt.tv

Supports simple (not pictured) and advanced ratings

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