Media Player 0.3 Released

Happy tax season! Ok, maybe there's nothing very 'happy' about filing taxes, but to help cheer you up we have a fresh version of Media Player for you.

What's new in version 0.3?

  • Added 'Favorites' section
  • Added support for '' shares
  • Added individual photo browsing and viewing
  • Improved photo slideshows
  • Improved memory management during slideshows
  • Resolved conflicts with XBMC
  • Minor UI fixes

How do I add folders to the Favorites menu?

Adding favorites provides quick access to the files/folders you use most.

  1. Locate the folder to be 'favorited'.
  2. Highlight the folder and press/hold the center select button.
  3. Select the 'Add to Favorites' option.
  4. That's it - the folder will now appear in the favorites menu.

Adding folders to the new 'Favorites' list      

How do I get it?

As usual, the new version can be installed on your ATV2 through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu.


Media Player 0.2 Released

Today, as you've no doubt discovered, is April Fools - the official holiday of the web. While we're a bit light on jokes, we do have a new version of Media Player for you.

What's new in version 0.2?

  • Added photo slideshows
  • Added basic video playlists
  • Added support for guest/anonymous NAS logins
  • Added volumes list sorting
  • Better remote share folder browsing (root folder issue)
  • Better support
  • Resolved issues in AFP navigation resulting in incorrect 'menu' button handling
  • Resolved issues resulting in incorrect video playback after rewinding on 'fastest' speed
  • Resolved duplicate AFP share entries
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

How do the photo slideshow/video playlist features work?

When browsing files stored on your remote share Media Player will automatically detect folders that contains supported photos for the slideshow, or supported movies for video playlist. These folders will be designated with special icons as shown below.

To start a photo slideshow, or video playlist simply highlight the folder, hold the center select button and choose the appropriate option.

Accessing photo slideshow and video playlist features      

How do I get it?

Media Player 0.2 can be installed on your ATV2 through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu.


aTV Flash (black) Beta4 Now Available

Today we are pleased to announce the release of aTV Flash (black) Beta4. In terms of features, this is the most substantial release since Beta1 first became available in early December 2010.

The marquee addition found in Beta4 is an 'alpha preview' version of our brand new Media Player that has been under development for the past few months. This player enables the playback of non-iTunes media (streamed from a network source) on the AppleTV with no special software or transcoding required!

More details on what's new and improved in Beta4 are below.

What's new in Beta4?


  • Added 'alpha preview' version of new Media Player
  • Added native Weather and RSS apps (will appear under Internet menu when installed)
  • Added support for Remote HD iPhone/iPad app
  • Added option to restart 'Lowtide' via Maintenance menu
  • Added support for AppleTV 4.2.1 (iOS 4.3)

Couch Surfer Pro

  • Added Google search suggestions to Search menu (iOS 4.3+ only)
  • Added ability to delete bookmarks
  • Improved animations, HTML5 and CSS3 support
  • Improve iPhone/iPad Remote app navigation
  • Improved text box handling
  • Resolved issues related to Facebook and similar sites
  • Many other performance improvements

What can I do with the new Media Player?

What's included in this version

  • Support for many non-iTunes media file types (MKV, AVI, MP4, etc...)
  • Native VIDEO_TS (VOB) file playback (with menus)
  • AFP network streaming (Mac, TimeCapsule, AirPort Extreme, etc...)
  • Automated cover art/metadata fetching
  • Basic subtitle support for VOB files
  • 5.1 AAC audio
  • Watched, unwatched and partially watched markers (includes resume support)
  • Volume control (up/down arrows during playback)

What we're still working on

  • Better support for HD video files
  • SMB network streaming
  • 5.1 sound
  • Chapter controls
  • Video playlists
  • Subtitles (.srt)
  • Alternative file browsing options
  • Photo slideshows
  • Improved memory management
  • Countless other bug fixes and performance improvements

A brief demo of the Media Player in action can be seen here.

Great! Where can I get it?

Beta4 is now available through the Downloads tab in your account. If you already have aTV Flash (black) installed all the new features and updates can be downloaded on your AppleTV through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu.

Comments are welcome below.

Enjoy! :-)

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