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Failed to detect Apple TV, please quit and re-open Seas0nPass and try again.


I open SeasonPass and it never detects my ATV. I am running on a mac with the latest release and iTunes see's the device...any ideas?

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Quick question: Upgrading / re-jailbreaking an older AppleTv 2?


I have an AppleTV that is already jailbreaked and is running ATV. But since the OS is now too old in version, Netflix does not work anymore. So: I want to upgrade.

But what should I do:
*Can I just download the newest version of SeasonPass and go on with it?* Will it then get to the newest jailbreaked version?
Or do I need to do some firmware upgrade stuff beforehand - OR even use of of those older versions of the SeasonPass that matches my current version of the AppleTv OS??


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Seas0npass 0.9.7 + OSX Yosemite 10.10 Problems


Anyone having a problem with this setup?

Everything works fine until the use of restoring using itunes, which crashs seas0npass but my main problem is the jailbreak isnt creating the SP Restore file.

i used an older version of seas0npass version 0.9.5 and it created the SP restore file but itunes cant restore with it. (error 1600 on mac) (error 1604 on pc)

I'm also using VMware Workstation 10 (Running Yosemite 10.10) under Windows 10 Pro.

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Apple TV 2 - RESET Without upgrading


Hey guys I have a Apple TV 2, 5.3 (6105) and its jailbroken with KODI. When I press on KODI it the apple tv will begin to blink and go to the home page. When I press on netflix I get the following error : Netflix is currently unavailable. Try again later. Or any other app for that matter. I've tried everything and I'm scared i dont want to format it because it might upgrade software.

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Any ideas when Cydia/iFaith server will be back online?


A staff member reported it should be back shortly, but its been a few hours now. I was just curious if they'res a new time table?

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Can anybody still jailbreaking Apple TV by using Mac?


Jailbreaking on windows has been broken for couple days. I hope somebody who has a mac can confirm that seasonpass still working on MAC.
I am thinking to buy a mac if I have too.


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Jailbreak failed: Filesystem pathes failed!


I've restored the Apple TV 2 to its original settings because I was not able to update the jailbreaked Apple TV anymore.
I wanted to update it because AirPlay didnt work anymore after updating to El Capitan.

I get the jailbreak error: Filesystem patches failed!

Anyone have a solution for this problem?

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Process Failed with Reason: Filesystem patches failed!


It will validate IPSW...
It wil unzip IPSW...
Patching ramdisk....
Patching filesystem.....
Process failed with reason: Filesystem patches failed!

Every time. Running 5.3 on Apple TV 2, running 10.10.5 on Mac mini (mid 2011), used 0.96 and 0.97....always fails on this part from log:

2015-11-01 09:53:21.869 dbHelper[1717:389908] patching: /Volumes/BrightonTide10B809.K66OS/etc/fstab failed!! ABORT!
2015-11-01 09:53:21.870 dbHelper[1717:389908] filesystemJailbreak failed!! bail!
2015-11-01 09:53:22.515 dbHelper[1717:389908] FAIL!! ABORT!

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ATV2 - error when installing Kodi


I´m going by this guide:

apt-get install wget

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Cant connect to cydia server


So now that its not working for me on mac, i was going for windows..

But on windows 7 and 10 it says that it can't connect to cydia server and stops.

In the log there is a ip, when i try that its not working.
Is that a error in the seasonpass for windows ?

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