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When will we see an update?

Hi all.

I´m just curious to know, if anyone have an ETA on when we could expect a new jailbreak/Seas0nPass update to ATV 2... It feels like ages since the last update!?

Thanks :-)

Start again from fresh?

Hi, I've recently taken delivery of a jailbroken Atv 2, which has the 5.2 software and has xbmchub added.

Because I'm something of a perfectionist (!) then I'd like to wipe the Atv 'clean' and update to the 5.3 software before re-jailbreaking with seas0npass and then add xbmc from scratch, not through xbmchub (which I'm told has lots of 'bloatware')

I can't find anything on the net which has instructions to 'start again' - anyone know how to get started or where I should be looking for answers?


Computer doesn't detect Apple TV

I have a second generation Apple TV with the latest software on that it will accept. I've tried plugging it into two different Macs (Mavericks) and a Windows 7 VM, but nothing will detect that I have an Apple TV connected. I've tried two different cables, and with and without the power cable. What am I doing wrong?

- Andrew.

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