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oops it looks like your ATV is not accessible or your connection was blocked by your firewall Please check ATV and firewall :(


Help If anyone has same issues listed below... Frown

I am successfully Jailbroke on ATV2 &
Want to install Firecore but keep getting following message.

oops it looks like your ATV is not accessible or your connection was blocked by your firewall
Please check ATV and firewall settings and try again Frown

I also cannot use SSH, keep timing out.

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No longer able to install Kodi 14.2 onto Apple TV 2?


Hi all,

Just tried installing Kodi 14.2 via Nito Installer AND command line. Failed miserably on both attempts. Tried several workarounds to no avail. Has anyone else tried doing this today?

I know 15.0 Isengard just came out recently.. Does that mean Kodi has completely deserted Apple TV with this new release? I find that hard to believe...

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ATV2 Firmware Install Failed


HI all,
i've tried every solution I can find before posting, so here goes:
I've got an ATV2 that I had previously jailbroken, and had no issues. I had to restore it recently, which installed the latest firmware. No problem, downloaded the latest version of Seasonpass and started the jailbreak. ATV2 gets into DFU mode with no issues (though I did have to use the powercable), and is detected by Seasonpass with no problems. It fails every time at the "firmware install failed" box.

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Apple TV 2 on v5.0.2 (4250)


Hi folks,

My friend has acquired an Apple TV 2 which is currently already jailbroken and is on the 5.0.2 version of apple software however the majority of xbmc apps and things have stopped working so he would like to do a fresh install.

Is there any option to rejailbreak this Apple TV considering that there are no blobs or anything saved ?

Is upgrading the iOS software from this version to a newer one even still possible in light of apples signing restrictions ?

What is the latest version of Apple TV iOS software ?

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SeasonOnPass no longer working with windows


Can anyone help me please. I'm unable to use my Apple TV as seasonOnpass is sending the message that I need to check my internet connection and unable to retrieve firmware.
Can I do something about it. My firewall is turned off so it's antivirus. I downloaded new version of season on pass on my daughters laptop and got the tame info. Please help me it was working fine for 2 years. Can't understand what's happen


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Connect to iTunes image after successful jailbreak


I have been banging my head off a wall for days trying to get this to work. Everything seems to work perfectly jailbreak goes smooth. I plug the apple TV 2 (5.3) back into the tv and get connect to itunes error as it appears the apple tv is stuck in recovery mode. The only way to fix it is to restore via itunes. I can do that and start the process all over again but the same thing happens. Once i disconnect it from seasonspass it seems to be in recovery mode. Any suggestions?

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ATV 2 - iTunes Plug In Logo


Please Help! I recently had a tethered jailbroken apple tv 2. Can't remember the version it was running, I believe just before it went to untethered...

I was using windows to reboot everytime I lost power... My windows machine became so infected with viruses I couldn't use again... lost power. So I decided to restore to factory settings and start this process again on my MAC 10.10.4 Yosemite . I have firmware 6.2.1...

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Seas0pass for MAC Jailbreak on ATV 2G - Not verifying July 2015


I'm a regular of jailbreaking ATV 2's and I've been using Seas0npass for months.
All off a sudden on Sunday (5th July) the Seas0pass jailbreak stopped working correctly. I can go through the whole process; Apple TV is in DFU mode and all is going well but at the verifying stage at the end the process is taking a little bit longer to complete and then eventually says 'Firmware Restore Successful'.
When connected to the power and HDMI I find that it has actually NOT BEEN SO SUCCESSFUL as I just get the Apple logo on the TV saying connect to iTunes.

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F.Y.I. I had to use newest Seas0npass to jailbreak


I had been using ver. 0.9.5 for a long time to jailbreak but today I kept getting a Seas0npass error that it couldn't identify the firmware. I searched high and low and found a version 0.9.6 just came out and after downloading it I was able to open Seas0npass.

Here's a link to it:

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