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is this forum really a live?


i posted a message for an issue i am facing with my ATV
going through the other posts i realize there is very rarely recent responses on various postes and most of the time no response at all !

so i am wondering is this place still alive or is closed or no one really care?

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ATV 2 6.2.1 jailbreaked but black screen on TV now


I had to restore via iTune my ATV2 which was jailbreaked a year ago.
so i got a to 6.2.1

Today i wanted to jailbreak it again so i downloaded seas0npass Version 0.9.7 (865)
I have a Mac EI Capitan 10.11.2

I had several errors during the jailbreak essentially at DFU step with message like "failed to reste USB"

i had to start several time and finally the jailbreak seemed to work as i got a message " firmware restore successful"
in fact from seas0npass log file i can see :

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Seas0nPass 0.9.7 for Windows coming?



i wonder if this version is coming to windows, because i'm looking for a way to bring my atv2 on to the firmware 6.2.1 - but for this i need the newest seasonpass version?


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Better HURRY! Cydia/iFaith server is back UP!!


Like the title says seas0spass is connecting to server!

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Is there a current way to jailbreak atv 2 5.3?


Seems that seas0npass for Windows is dependent on an online server that is down ALOT. So my question.. is there any way to work around this issue? I know some are having success with using a mac but mine is too old and wont run the more current versions of seasonpass that is untethered.

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SeasOnPass ERROR please help me!


can you help me?
i have seasonpass 9.0.6 for windows. And a apple tv 2 with 5.3 firmware.
i haven´t got a fireall on my pc.
I can´t jailbreak but this Error: "SeasOnPass is unable to etablish a connection with the cydia/faith serves. Please check your internet connection and firewall setting."

Are the cydia server offline????

please help me.
Thanks Patrick

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SHAT registers pointed to 0x0 error


Hi everyone

After I hold down the menu and play button, my Apple TV 2 gets stuck on SHAT registers pointed to 0x0.

Anyone know how to fix this?


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Apple TV2


Hello everyone,

I need help,

I have apple tv 2, and it was jail broken, but week ago my son did something, now I think he upgraded from ITUNE site,

Now I am not able to jail break,

Each time I tried I get this message.

Entering DFU mode
This device is not supported by Seas0npass.
Please help, Thank you in advance.


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[solved] About Seas0nPass-win for ATV2 and the "Unable to retrieve firmware details. Please check your internet connection."


Dear all,

I guess many of you like me faced this pop-up message when running the Seas0nPass executable file.
I'm writing this topic to save you some time and have a better understanding.
No matter what version of Seas0nPass you try to run (older versions that used to work on your computer in the past), the same error message will pop up: " Unable to retrieve firmware details. Please check your internet connection and firewall settings. ".

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can't even get started :(


I have downloaded SeaOnPass yet when I try to open it I keep getting an error pop up "SeasOnPass is unable to retrieve firmware details. Please check your internet connection and firewall settings"

I did both, even turned off my firewall and I still keep getting this message...I'm stumped ...and I've only just begun Frown

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