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Connect to iTunes image after successful jailbreak


I have been banging my head off a wall for days trying to get this to work. Everything seems to work perfectly jailbreak goes smooth. I plug the apple TV 2 (5.3) back into the tv and get connect to itunes error as it appears the apple tv is stuck in recovery mode. The only way to fix it is to restore via itunes. I can do that and start the process all over again but the same thing happens. Once i disconnect it from seasonspass it seems to be in recovery mode. Any suggestions?

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ATV 2 - iTunes Plug In Logo


Please Help! I recently had a tethered jailbroken apple tv 2. Can't remember the version it was running, I believe just before it went to untethered...

I was using windows to reboot everytime I lost power... My windows machine became so infected with viruses I couldn't use again... lost power. So I decided to restore to factory settings and start this process again on my MAC 10.10.4 Yosemite . I have firmware 6.2.1...

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Seas0pass for MAC Jailbreak on ATV 2G - Not verifying July 2015


I'm a regular of jailbreaking ATV 2's and I've been using Seas0npass for months.
All off a sudden on Sunday (5th July) the Seas0pass jailbreak stopped working correctly. I can go through the whole process; Apple TV is in DFU mode and all is going well but at the verifying stage at the end the process is taking a little bit longer to complete and then eventually says 'Firmware Restore Successful'.
When connected to the power and HDMI I find that it has actually NOT BEEN SO SUCCESSFUL as I just get the Apple logo on the TV saying connect to iTunes.

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F.Y.I. I had to use newest Seas0npass to jailbreak


I had been using ver. 0.9.5 for a long time to jailbreak but today I kept getting a Seas0npass error that it couldn't identify the firmware. I searched high and low and found a version 0.9.6 just came out and after downloading it I was able to open Seas0npass.

Here's a link to it:

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suddenly requiring regular restarts or reconnects to network


I have 5 bars of WiFi, but ApTV 2 has been requiring a restart every day to connect.
I've tried losing the network and re-entering it as well. Sometimes that works, sometimes not.
Last night, tried restarting 2x to no avail.
Any ideas? Or is it just burning out?

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ATV 2 Stuck in DFU mode, won't restore or jailbreak


Connected it to my computer.
Opened Seas0npass & it would just sit at downloading the ipsw and then say to check my connection even though everything was connected and my firewall was off.

Tried restoring it through itunes but it errors out and won't restore.

What should I do?

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Asking for iTunes after successful SeasonPass - Please HELP!!!


Hi all,

i have successfully used SeasonPass to do the unteathered process and install AppleTv2,1_5.3.1_10B809
after it says complete, I plug it into the Tv and when it boots it asks me to connect to iTunes.

what do I do?

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Jailbreak DFU with 3rd party remote control


So, I started to jailbreak my atv 5.0.2 using lastest version of seasonpass. After I connected my atv 2 some drivers installed successfully. But now I'm stuck on the step with "Waiting for device to enter dfu mode" connect usb,power than press and hold menu + pause for 7 sec.
The problem is my aluminium original atv remote control it doesn't work for a while.

In the last two years I used a Logitech Harmony 650 for my apple tv but it seems I cannot enter in DFU mode holding menu+pause buttons on this remote control. I have menu button and pause button that are working like they should when atv is connected to tv.(xbmc,movies etc).

What should I do?

Thank you

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So, I have 2 second generation apple tv's. I downgraded to v5.3 successfully. Now when I go into seas0npass (latest version) I get so close but so far and it says "Seas0npass is unable to fetch firmware signatures from Cydia servers. Please chec your internet connection and firewall settings." Well, I am connected to the internet and I have fully disabled all my firewall settings. Helllllppppppppp please!

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