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Can I install XBMC from hard drive

I have a few AppleTVs which I'd like to install XBMC. I've been using the command "wget http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/atv2/deb/org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2_13.2-0_iphoneos-arm.deb" but that way I have to download it every time. If I download it to my Hard drive first, What command do I use to install it from there?

I'm on a PC

Apple Tv won't go DFU

Hey everyone, i just refreshed the ATv 2 OS and installed the latest and 5.3 both give the same results.
I have tried running the the OS after doing an update or reinstallation and then returning to JB.
I have tried doing refresh of OS and then straight into JB with season pass,
both ways when it says to press menu and play button give me no lights then after 7 seconds fast blinking. I let go and nothing. Will not goto DFU. Ideas?

Apple TV Query


I am mainly interested in the Apple TV for the Air play function but I would also like to be able to watch media especially sports content in HD. Will this be possible with Apple TV.

I know apple tv has functions such as sports apps and what not but does jailbreaking allow ways around this subscription?

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