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Did I just brick three Apple TV 2's? (rapid blinking after jailbreak)

So I've jailbroken a couple of Apple TV's in the past and did something pretty stupid to 3 (yes THREE) Apple TV's. Each of them is flashing rapidly and none of them seem to boot when connected to my TV.

I ran Seas0npass v0.9.5 (775) on all of them. I followed the instructions here: http://support.firecore.com/entries/387605-Jailbreaking-101-Seas0nPass

Unlike the last time I jailbroke ATV2's with Seas0npass years ago, iTunes didn't open as part of a script to install the modified IPSW on the device. The IPSW didn't appear to save to my desktop. I just assumed this was how Seas0npass works these days.

Any how, I got a "firmware restore successful" message and (very stupidly) performed the process for the other two ATV's I had without testing them. When I connected them via HDMI, each just flashes quickly and they don't boot.

For some reason I couldn't save SHSH blobs using Tiny Umbrella, so I just skipped that step.

The ATVs were running different versions, but two of them were on iOS6: Apple TV2 software 5.1 (5201).

Did I brick these devices? Any ideas?

ATV2 No Longer Streams Netflix, HBOGO, Hulu but Youtube works?

For 4 days now i have been unable to stream to of my ATV2.

It is running 5.3 and has been happily chugging along for a year now.

Netflix, HBOGO and Hulu give the dreaded "an error occurred loading this content" message.

To add to the confusion, SOMETIMES I can stream a video from itunes store. But most of the time (99%) I get the "iTunes is currently unavailable." For instance, nothing but Frozen would stream last night from my purchased movies. But tonight it won't stream. It goes through and authorizes, asks if I want to resume or start over... and then it just throws up the error.

Youtube will however stream the two videos i tested it with.

Ready for some more craziness? I can browse HBOGO, Netfli and HuluPlus media libraries. I can even browse my queue. But if I click play I get the "an error occurred loading this content" message every time.

For some reason, I am only able to change network settings if I unplug the network nd reboot then enter settings when I plug the network cable back in. But if I try to change the DNS or network settings now, it will say "applying changes" but when i look it is the old one. If i try o go from manual to dhc it applys settings but it still stays on manual not dhcp, unless I do my workaround with the cables.

I am also getting "script errors" every time i try to browse 1channel.

I have rebooted, unpluged power for a day, reset modem, router etc. I have changed from OPENDNS to google's othin seems to work.

If i login via ssh I can ping googles dns and opendns. I can also ping goolge.com and netflix.com

ifconfig en0 gives: en0: flags=8863<UP,BROADCAST,SMART,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> mtu 1500

Broadband test shows Ping: 20ms Down: 20.36Mbps and Up: 4.28Mbps.

I can also play movies in XBMC that I scp onto the atv2 to play locally.

Only thing i can think of is that I was on vacation and it was unplugged for 3 days.

This one has me scratching my head. Any ideas? Anything i can do from the shell to fix this?


Can’t 'Boot Tethered’ as SeasonPass saying it’s already untethered

I’m having issues booting my ATV2.

Trying to boot tethered through SeasonPass but I’m getting this error:

"The AppleTV2,1_5.3_10B809 firmware is untethered and does not require this process!"

I’ve searched old threads and I think it might be because I don’t have the files saved on my Mac from when I first jailbroke the ATV anymore.

If it is, any ideas on how can I get it working again?


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