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Replacement chmod binary needed

I managed (please don't ask me to relate the sad story of how...) to delete the chmod binary from my /bin/ directory on a jailbroken ATV 2G running 5.0.2. Could someone snatch theirs and make it available for me to download somehow? I've tried everything I can think of to find one elsewhere with no luck.

I have found a trick to make that binary executable by borrowing permissions from chown, so that's not a problem...I just need the binary itself. Unlike chown and chgrp, chmod seems only to be located in /bin/. Thanks to anyone out there who can help me out!

Failed jailbreak...file system patches failed

Can anyone help me with this I keep getting a failed response that says file system patches failed.. I'm running 10.9.4 on my mac

Possible to update ATV2 and re-jailbreak?

Hi Firecore community,

I have an untethered jailbroken ATV running firmware 4.4.4 (with saved blobs).

It works great, but as the firmware is so old, there are things it can no longer do such as Airplay from certain apps (e.g. official Youtube iOS app) and Netflix.

Is it possible to update the firmware to the latest jailbroken firmware (5.3 iirc) and re-jailbreak? Or can you only upgrade to the most recent firmware (6.1.1) and not earlier ones?


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