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Apple TV 2nd gen stuck in recovery mode after jailbreak


I'm quite new to the jailbreaking scene but i read somewhere that the jailbreak for apple tv 2 was stable, so i decided to give it a shot. I went ahead and downloaded the SeasOnPass software and followed the steps described in the guide on the support page. But after everything was complete, my apple tv remained in recover mode.

When i tried recovering my apple tv with itunes, it gave me error 11. I tried recovering with an existing ipsw file, but to no avail. My apple tv was working fine before doing this :/, how can i get it back into a working condition ?

I thought it could've been because i'm running the itunes 12 beta, but i downgraded to itunes 11 but this gave me the same error.

Jailbreak not working on atv2 (HELP!)

hey really need help so I recently wanted to try to jailbreak my Apple TV 2 did the whole process

Launch seas0npass

Create IPSW


everything went good flashing lights were flashing as supposed to, no pop-ups firmware restore was successful .the only thing was that it didn't take me

straight to iTunes after it was succesful and it didn't update so didn't think much of it Connected the atv2 to HDMI and power cord, tried to turn it on with atv2 (silver) control doesn't get no signal blank screen and atv2 lights flashes really fast than stops than it happens again and so on. . has anyone had similar problem ? did I do something wrong? need help please

my atv 2 is dead after an update

have an Apple TV 2 O would update it to 5.3 o when it was o update I got a power cut o after that is my tv completely dead, unable o update or jailbreak it now, it flashes only when I hold the two buttons for 7 seconds o when I release the shutter so the o flash, is there anyone who can / know how to do in order to update it when it is dead? Sincerely, Bjarne

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