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Jailbreak on Apple Tv 2


my name is Vincenzo.
This is my first message.
A few days ago I bought a used apple tv second generation only that the old owner has updated the latest sign available.
I have read some posts within this forum where it seems that it is possible to downgrade the firmware version and then do the jailbreak.
Is it correct ?

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jailbroken apple tv 2n gen /kodi14.2 problem


anyone know this . i installed the kodi in my jailbroken apple tv 2 and with 14.1 was working good

now it is updated to 14.2 each time you open kodi it takes you back to the main screen it crashes

how to go back to 14.1 any one know s thx

I'm aware that the support is no more happening for apple tv 2

so i wanna go back to 14.1 the last support for apple
thx any suggestion will be appreciated

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Seasonpass not working?


During past two days, seasonpass can't pass the initial phase. It either can't connect to iFaith/Cydia server.
Is this a seasonpass issue? Is there a workaround?


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Is my software too new?


I'm just learning of the concept of breaking the Apple TV. I have a Version 2, model MC572LL/A but my software is version 6.2.1 - will I still be able to jailbreak it?

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Updating Netflix?


Netflix is asking to update. I'm on 5.3 and aTV Flash 2.5.

I tried looking up ways to update manually and nothing.
Can anyone direct me to how it's done or am I dealing with the please update prompt for a while?


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Netflix now gives update message but....


As background, I have a number of ATv2's all with 5.3 jail broken and XBMC Frodo. All works fine. We also watch Netflix on it and today it started saying I need to update when we go into Netflix. Naturally, I say no, but I'm concerned at some point someone here at home may think they are supposed to say yes, then I'll be screwed for XBMC. I thought the fireCore Seasonpass turned off the update request. It only does it when going into Netflix, but it is definitely the iOS message as the wording, buttons are of the iOS appearance and not Netflix. Anyone else having this happen?

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Can I install XBMC from hard drive


I have a few AppleTVs which I'd like to install XBMC. I've been using the command "wget http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/atv2/deb/org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2_13.2-0_iphoneos-a..." but that way I have to download it every time. If I download it to my Hard drive first, What command do I use to install it from there?

I'm on a PC

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Apple Tv won't go DFU


Hey everyone, i just refreshed the ATv 2 OS and installed the latest and 5.3 both give the same results.
I have tried running the the OS after doing an update or reinstallation and then returning to JB.
I have tried doing refresh of OS and then straight into JB with season pass,
both ways when it says to press menu and play button give me no lights then after 7 seconds fast blinking. I let go and nothing. Will not goto DFU. Ideas?

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Apple TV Query



I am mainly interested in the Apple TV for the Air play function but I would also like to be able to watch media especially sports content in HD. Will this be possible with Apple TV.

I know apple tv has functions such as sports apps and what not but does jailbreaking allow ways around this subscription?

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How to access firmware signature backup?


Hey All,

ATV Flash (Black) includes a handy option for backing up your firmware signatures, but I'm wondering how you go about getting access to these backup to do something useful with them?

That is, is it necessary to SSH into the ATV2 and retrieve the SHSH blobs from somewhere? Meaning you can then use them sign firmware and restore your ATV2 (should you ever need to)

If not, how do Firecore expect you to use these firmware signature backups? If the firmware signatures are backed up to a Firecore server, then again, how do you access these backups?

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