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Apple TV 2 4.3 (8F455), crashes when installing from NitoTV-Install Software

Hello everybody,

I got an apple tv 2, 4.3, I jailbroken using ifaith, and seas0npass, I followed this guide, http://forum.firecore.com/topic/7279

After I had installed Nito TV (both ways from the Terminal and from the NitoTvInstaller), everything works fine until you try to install anything package from the "Nito TV / Install software" or from "Manage" Packages or Sources will crash as well, even though says that XBMC is not installed when it actually is, so when you try to install any package the screen will go to black and reboot, I reinstall everything from the scratch, and also I tried the option "update all" from the Nito TV...so I would be really grateful if anybody can give a tip on what to do.

It seems is not a common issue and I have been looking for days but can't find a solution, I would gladly update to 5.0.2 or even now that the jailbreak is possible on 5.1.1. but I have heard that 4.3 (8F455) runs smother than any any newer version for XBMC.

Thank you!!!



Crash Report


afs2add installation / NitoTV installation

Hello everyone,

As a lot of other people, I get the ssh_exchange_identification issue on my jailbroken atv2. I found this solution (http://forum.firecore.com/topic/8161?page=4) pretty much everywhere, but I don't have Nito nor afs2add on my ATV2.

The thing is, I just can't install it, nito installer doesn't do anything when I press the "install NitoTV" button.

Is there any other way to install nitoTV (without ssh of course) or to restore SSH access to my atv2 ?

Thx :)

HELP!!!! XBMC 12.0 problem

i update the xbmc to the latest version (12.0 Frodo) in atv2 but when im trying to launch it it restarts the atv and doesnt play it!!!why is that???what i have to do to fix it????
thank u in advance!!

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