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Remote Control Music App via iPhone/iTouch/iPad?

Hi There,

I'd like to ask if anyone has come across an app which will allow me to use my apple devices as a remote for the ATV, without having the TV on, somewhat like the Apple Remote app being used on a Mac (or the following plugin which allows you to use the Apple Remote app to be used with Foobar installed on a PC: http://wintense.com/669). This would allow me to control my music playback from my NAS to my ATV (through my stereo) via WIFI on my iPhone without having to look at the TV to select songs.

XMBC doesn't add external HDD on Airport Extreme

Hi Everyone,

I got 1TB WD MyBookEssential HDD connected to Airport Extreme SoftVers. 7.6.1, trying to add on XBMC 11.0 aTV 5.0.2
My HDD is formated in Mac Os Extended ( Journaled)

I cannot add my HDD on XBMC.

Is there any specific settings for my Airport Extreme? When I select Share at Airport Utility/Disks, I have 3 options: With accounts, device password, or disk password. Wich ones to choose? I have been trying all of them with no success.

I can see, manage and play the contents of my HDD on my computer, and also I manage to add my HDD via AFP and play my movies on FireCore Media. Wich means my HDD is shared through my network.

When I browse on Zeroconf I can see: AirportExtreeme (AFP) and AirportExtreeme (SAMBA)
But when I select them, nothing happens.
Trying to add manually by Windows network (SMB) but either XBMC quits, or shows Error2: share not available.

I manage to add my drive if I connect through my computer via Zeroconf AFP, but I don't wanna have to attach it every time I will play a movie Sad
Tried to search the forum with no success...

Thanks for your time...

Sky sports

Jailbroke ATV2 5.02 all works ok except for flashsportstreams.
Paid fee and EPSN -and SKY SPORTS NEWS work ok but sky 1,2,3,4
And sky movies Will not work. Any help please.

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