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XBMC keeps crashing

XBMC keeps crashing randomly when choosing movies, playlists. tv shows etci have the latest updates Apple TV software 4.3 and aTV Flash (black) 1.7

Im trying to uninstall media player as ive heard there are conflicts. but its vanished from the manage extras menu

any suggestions

Navi-X Restart Issue - Please Help

I have a 2nd gen, 5.0.1 JB with Seas0nPass, works great but one thing. Most of the time Navi-X will restart my apple tv. I can normally go right back in pick the movie I wanted to watch and watch it in it's entirety without issue. But searching for something on there is very irritating when it restarts every minute or two into opening it.

I have removed and reistalled the beigelist

Purchased Apple Router

Re-Jailbroke with most updated Zips (repos)

The apple router seemed to make Navi X run a lot smoother but still got the restart after a few minutes on the fresh JB...Please help.

Cinema Now..

Hey guys is there a way to add cinema now ...i like it better then netflix and cheaper then itunes...

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