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ATV2 open XBMC command line (AirControl???)

I have been searching the web for a way to launch XBMC through SSH in iOS 5.x. Most people are advising that it is not possible because of the way the menu system is used or designed. However, when I use the AirControl remote, there is a dedicated Netflix and Settings buttons which launch the app and menu respectively. So, is there a way to launch XBMC through ssh using the same technique that AirControl uses to launch Netflix?



XBMC vs XBMC in aTV? Help me understand!

Help me understand...

Whats the difference between a clean XBMC installation compared to the one provided with aTV Flash?

Another one... i can´t seem to adjust XBMC (provided true aTV) to fit my screen properly, any idéas?


Error Script failed:plugin.video.free.cable

I can not seem to get anything to work on xbmc. Everything I try to watch gives me the same Error Script failed. Does someone know how to fix this?

Thanks Alexia

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