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Plex - Sound Issues


Hey guys,

So I usually try to figure this stuff out on my own, but I have been trying for about a week now to no avail. I didn't see any related posts to my issue either, so here it goes...

When I play some of my movies through Plex, the audio levels for the film are obnoxiously loud, causing clipping and major distortion in louder scenes. I tried doing a test just to see if it was the video files themselves by playing them through Media Player and XMBC, and they both played the movies fine at normal volume levels. However, I can't really use Media Player or XMBC because the buffering issues in both of those players make it impossible to really watch anything.

So basically, if I want to watch something, I have to use PLEX, but the sound is so bad that it makes me want to throw my Apple TV in the trash. Is there a way to fix this? The files I am trying to play are MKVs.

Also, when I first installed PLEX it didn't have this problem. One day it just started maximizing all the volume levels for no reason (I don't think I did anything, but maybe I did! Yikes!) and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get it to play the files normally.

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Plex & SeasonPass


There are reports from the Plex/AppleTV2 forum that Plex appears to install after using the new SeasonPass, but that it doesn't appear in the menu (making it inaccessible).  Can anyone speak to this?


The thread in question is at http://bit.ly/rkkI1J

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Facebook Pics @ AppleTV2???


Will it be possible to view my Facebook Albums on my AppleTV2?? Like MobileMe or Flickr??? Or is there any Plugin?!?!?

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Pandora Radio


I'm just one of those people who prefer Pandora to Last FM.

Wondering if Pandora Radio is in the works? I currently use it via my WDTV Live Plus but now that I have an ATV 2 Black I want to phase out the WDTV.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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Plex 8.0


Plex 8 is out, when will the update be available via Manage Extras?

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Remote HD Password change on ATV2


Does anybody knows how to change the default password of Remote HD?

At the installation the password is set to "empty", since this is not really secure when accessing it from the Internet I'd like to set one but I haven't found any documentation.

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How do you configure the Weather Plugin for Nito TV??


Can anyone tell me where I can get the code for my local weather forecast for Nito TV? - what weather site does it use i.e The Weather Channel? Yahoo Weather??

I want mine to be set to Bishops Tachbrook, UK or Leamington Spa, UK

Thanks in advance



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How to uninstall Plex ?


well..How to uninstall Plex ? and some of the other plugins ?

I think the media player is great ! and dont have use for plex, and would like it removed from the main menu.

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Beta 6 and Plex


Major issues with Plex and Beta 6.. just installed on a new ATV2.  Have Beta 5 running on an older ATV2.  On the new BETA 6, Plex playback is HORRIBLE.. alot of pixelization on even HD files.  Switching view quality makes no difference.  Seems always on LOW. 


Anyone have this issue?

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How to do FFW & REW on icefilms?


There's any way?      Thanks!

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