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HELP!!!! XBMC 12.0 problem

i update the xbmc to the latest version (12.0 Frodo) in atv2 but when im trying to launch it it restarts the atv and doesnt play it!!!why is that???what i have to do to fix it????
thank u in advance!!

[solved] Xbmc not working after update to Frodo trough maintenance

Today i read the haapy news that Frodo was released in a stable version.

I checked maintenance, and YES! Update available for xbmc.

After update, xbmc will not start up. I can see it is v.12 Frodo in maintenance.

Any of you have a sollution?

No Nito Smart Installer

Hi there

I'm trying to set up an VPN on my aTV but can't get nito Smart Installer to appear in Settings.

I upgraded to the latest version of Apple's native OS, then jailbroke it afresh, then installed aTV Flash 2.1, then installed nitoTV. All that went perfectly but the nito Smart Installer never appeared in Maintenance -> Settings (or anywhere else I could see). Is there something else I need to do other than installing nitoTV? Am I missing something else?

My end goal is to install Tunnelblick and set up a VPN on the system.



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