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Hi all,


I am hoping that somebody here could please tell me the correct install instructions for Frodo 12.2 using Putty on a Win XP 32bit PC, I missed the boat as far as Nito is concerned, As Nito only installs Frodo 12.3.

I don't really want to go through the procedure of having to install 12.3 and then having to do a downgrade to 12.2, as I always feel that this could leave remnants behind of the other software that one is downgrading.

So far I have this, but to be honest I am not to sure if this is even in the correct order....

apt-get install wget
wget -O- http://apt.awkwardtv.org/awkwardtv.pub | apt-key add -
mkdir -p /Applications/AppleTV.app/Appliances
mkdir -p /Applications/XBMC.frappliance
rm -f xbmc.deb
wget http://mirrors.xbmc.org/apt/atv2/deb/org.xbmc....
dpkg -i xbmc.deb
rm xbmc.deb



but I have two more but I do not know if they are needed or even where they are meant to go in the list above....

echo "deb http://apt.awkwardtv.org/ stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/awkwardtv.list
echo "deb http://mirrors.xbmc.org/apt/atv2 ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xbmc.list


If any one can throw some light on this it would b much appreciated...

more info: this is being done on an Atv 2nd gen that has just been Jailbroken with Seasonpass untethered 5.3, and the only other thing done is the blocks have been put in place within the hosts file.