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#1  December 5, 2014 - 7:36am
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Hello I have a ATV2 Jailbreak 5.3 and I have to update Atv Flash Black there for a short time (It's time I paid two 29.90$ for Atv Flash Black I find it a little dear if I have to buy every year) ?

I have movies in my library that does not pass on infuses? There must be a codec issue.
So I'm forced to read with VLC and the streamer with aiplay from my mac to read Frown
This is my second purchase of Atv Flash and it doesn't read all codecs !

Can I install Plex on my Apple TV? Would you have a link for that? Thank you.

I, unwanted Plex media server for streaming on my mac to Androis nexux 7 on my ipad and iphone I use Infuse and work find.
I use Plex and on my "French box" Our Internet Box consists of a router with wifi "Optimiz air 5Ghz 2 SSID" and a second housing Tv with processor intel and connects to my DNLA media center Plex media server and that reads all mkv files and codecs wholes.
Made in there at that on my apple tv2 I codecs crash ?

Otherwise I just saw that ??? True or false?

  May 31, 2016 - 12:52pm
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I would not use the jailbreak for this. To my broke me