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#1  May 5, 2017 - 9:47am
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I read so many posts of people wanting to have infuse on other plattforms. Honestly, i hope infuse is not doing that step and stay on apple only.

I prefer a product that concentrates on one plattform this will increase the release of updates and having new things implemented. It makes a product more unique and personal aswell. James is so active in this forum, answering questions and taking requests. Just look at the plex development and forum. In my opinion they concentrate more of being on all plattforms, then making the product better or listen to the community.

So again, concentrate on apple plattforms and stay as you are Smile

BTW: Just my opinion.

  May 8, 2017 - 6:32am
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I won't agree fully on the point that you've mentioned about serving just one platform. We know, serving and taking care of one platform is easy as compared to serving every platform, but when the product is good, it should be taken to other platforms to test it viability.

I have been on plex and I have seen technical staff taking care of people's open tickets and queries. This is just a lame excuse in my opinion for sticking to just one platform only. I really want infuse on my Playstation system too. Coz it will be more handy for me to use it there


  May 28, 2017 - 7:46pm
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I see both side on this. While cross platform opens Infuse up to non-Apple customers and encourages cross platform customers there are some significant downsides. Supporting multiple platforms means that you either have different feature sets across platforms or you have to go with least common denominator. If one of the platforms doesn't or can't support a feature do you leave it out for everyone? If you have to compromise a UI decision because of limitations is it watered down for everyone?

The Apple iOS and TVOS platforms offer some unique advantages that can be a plus for both developers and users. First, there is a small set of hardware to code and test for. Second, is the fact that a majority of users are running a relatively recent version of the OS. Because of this developers can take advantage of new OS features quickly and development and testing time can be optimized.

There is room enough in the world for both cross platform and Apple specific software. The Apple environment is large enough for specialized software and that software can and should offer a unique experience.