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#1  August 9, 2019 - 11:10am
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Thanks for providing support for the BDMV files inside AVCHD folders as the metadata is now being applied properly but......

I make full disc backups (UHD) utilizing this folder structure as my Oppo 205 requires it for full backups. When using my Oppo as a media streamer when I click on the folder I’m immediately taken to the “Top Menu” just as though I inserted the disc but when I play through the Infuse app on my ATV it plays the movie immediately bypassing the “Top Menu”. In most cases this does not cause an issue but there are some movies (example: Solo) that will ask you immediately to choose which language even before the “Top Menu” is displayed. Without this question being answered Infuse starts the movie my example, Solo, and the intro writing is displayed on the screen in a foreign language (All Star War Movies have this issue)

Is there a way Infuse can play the full backed up media, in this file structure, identical to inserting the disc?


  August 9, 2019 - 11:37am
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There's already a thread running in suggestions regarding the DVD menus addition to Infuse here https://firecore.com/forum/topic/19330

Feel free to add your support too!

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