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#1  November 19, 2019 - 11:03pm
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Hello guys,

I often download a series from my nas on my iphone. After watching the series offline on my iphone and syncing again with Infuse, the watched status is set correctly to "watched" in my mediathek. However, if I delete the offline file from my iphone, the watched status will be removed im my mediathek and the exisiting file on my nas for this series will be set to "Unseen". So, I have to manually set the watched status again. It seems that the offline/downloaded file and the file on my nas are handled as separat files. Is that a bug that the watched status will be moved if I delete the offline file?
The desired behavior should be that I have already seen the series and the status is maintained to "watched".

Info: I don't use trakt and have no motivation to do that. The "normal" watch status of Infuse is sufficent for me.

Thank you!

  November 20, 2019 - 10:48am
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One of the upcoming versions of Infuse will support syncing watched statuses between multiple copies of the same title, which should resolve this for you.

Infuse 6 for iOS and Apple TV is now available!