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#1  January 13, 2020 - 1:02pm
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I am able to successfully watch in Infuse Pro on my ATV 4K the .ts files which are currently still recording by my satellite receiver Vu+ Uno 4K.

So I am already happy.

But to make it perfect following would be great:
Currently I can only watch until for example minute 10 if the recording was only 10 minutes long when I started to watch it in Infuse. So when I watched the first 10 minutes Infuse thinks that now the file ends, but in real it is already 20 minutes long. When I do reopen the file, then I am able to watch until around minute 20, but then I would have to reopen and reopen again... Not really a comfortable timeshifting.

Would it be possible that Infuse will check file size change or file length change during playback and automatically expand possible playback until real end of file during playback?
Maybe it would be enough if Infuse would check that every 30 or 60 seconds? Then a very comfortable "timeshift" would be possible.

Other players do not stop the playback in such cases and do play until the real end of file. Can you implement this also please?

  January 18, 2020 - 9:51pm
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I'd like to see this feature added as well. An example of an app that does this very well is MPV on a Mac. However, I'd like to watch the file that's being recorded using Infuse on my Apple TV instead of on my Mac. I'm using a Silicon Dust HDHomeRun device to create a .ts recording on my Mac, and Infuse is accessing my Mac using sftp. Playback, even for 4K, is fine except that it stops at the end of the original file length.