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#1  February 23, 2020 - 7:04am
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I have a foreign language TV show where the video/audio are recorded with ad breaks, and the subtitles I could find do not account for the ad breaks, so every time there's an ad break I need to increase the subtitle time offset by one full minute. Unfortunately, currently the adjustment buttons increment/decrement by 0.25s at a time and don't respond to press and hold, so I have to monotonously click 240 times for each ad break. It would be nice if we could press and hold the buttons and have the value continuously increase/decrease after a delay.

Another minor suggestion while we're at it: deciding whether a positive or negative offset is suitable for the situation involves some guesswork for new or occasional users of the subtitle time offset feature. Currently there's a vast span of nothingness in the adjustment scene of the modal, it would be nice to include a short explanation of which way to go when subtitle is lagging, and vice versa.