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Apple TV 4 NitoTV 4 is out :)


Hi James,

Finally, Apple TV 4 NitoTV 4 is out.


Author of NitoTV kb has just released


Please post your success or any issues.


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Infuse on atv2 for current pro subscribers


Is it possible to get a version of infuse to work on the Apple TV 2? I bought the iOS app pro version 3 and 4. Is there a version, maybe older of infuse for the apple tv2 as the current atv flash and jailbreak are too unstable. The eol version of kodi recommended for the atv2 is unable to view media without crashing a few times. Multiple installs, flashes etc have fixed it. Infuse is limited compared to kodi, but hopefully more stable.

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Apple TV 4 Pangu Jailbreak is out:


Hello FireCore Team,

There is Apple TV 4 Pangu Jailbreak is out so any new Seasonpass will be realising for the Apple TV 4.



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ATV2 on 6.2 (6698.99.50.31) NOT jailbroken before


I'm trining to understand how to do with my atv2 6.2 (6698.99.50.31) which It's NOT jailbroken before.
When I reset the decive it prompts, as per today 2016-02-21, that there is a new version of the software and if I want to upgrade it. Should I go for it?
I've read a lot of threads here and it's a bit confusing to understand if I should go or no go for the 6.2.1 official upgrade first before I start the tethered jailbreaking process. But as I can see there is no other way? or there is?
Please advice.

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Jailbreaking atv2 6.2.1


I downloaded season pass and connected my atv to my computer but seas0npass keeps saying no device connected. any ideas?

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Seasonpass for the ATV4


Is there something in the works?

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VEVO APP DOES NOT WORK - Jailbreaking in ATV2


Dear friends ... I too use the APP VEVO in my ATV2, efetuei the Jailbreaking, bought and instalalei the aTVFlash Black ... ok everything working. VEVO but does not access. Would anyone let me know why? (I used the Seas0nPass 0.9.6 windows and firmeware 5.3. The 6.2 firmeware does not work is giving conflicting message. Looking forward Thank You

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Infuse now in the top row of of apps


Running Teathered JB on ATV 6.2.1. Yesterday after ATV crash and restart Infuse is now in the top row of apps and Settings is now at the very end of all of the the other apps/channels. I originally had infuse in the second row just below the movies app. Now Infuse is the very first icon and has shifted Movies, TV Shows, Music and Computers over by one spot each with the settings app now at the very bottom, below all other apps. I don't know how this happened. Not sure if this is related to Apple removing free iTunes Radio service on 1/29/2016. I have another ATV which has not changed.

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dfu mode with android phone


just wondering if anyone has ever found a way to put an appletv 2 into dfu mode with an android phone and some ir app. (galaxy s5)
i have been trying them one by one but nothing seems to work for dfu. multiple buttons pressing doesn't seem to work.
i have seen posted that people have done it with harmony but I don't have one.

just an android phone.

I have a silver remote somewhere but I like to do things the hard way if possible.

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Apple 3TV


hi guys,

am new to this forum so excuse any mistakes i may make or silly questions i may ask.

Can the Apple TV 3 be jailbroken and if so any tips on how?

Thanks in advance

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