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Newer Apple apps gone


So I used firecore and Seas0n pass. Am using kodi etc so I know all is working. It looks like many of the newer apple apps are gone? Showtime, history channel etc. almost as if I am using an old tvOS on my second gen Apple TV. How do I get the newer os?

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Failed to upload exploit data


Hi there,

I'm trying to jailbreak ATV2 6.2.1 with Seas0nPass 0.9.8 (OSX Sierra), but I'm still getting error after I entered to DFU mode. There are 3 messages showing over and over again:

1. Preparing oversize
2. Resetting DFU
3. Failed to upload exploit data

I stuck there.

Does anybody know what it could be?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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apple tv 2 light flashing after jailbreak


After I make the Jailbreak for my atv2, I connect back to the TV and the atv2 start to blinking and flashes and nothing happend and the TV is still black.
what can we do?

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Resetting DFU


I seem to be stuck at this point. Using SeasOnPass 0.9.7, Mac Pro and Mac OS El Capitan on ATV 2.


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firmware restore failed


Cannot jailbreak atv2 using seas0npass. Fresh restore to ios 5.3 via itunes. Have tried seas0npass versions,,, , Connects to tv fine after restore via itunes, showing non-jailbroken options, can use netflix and nhl app just fine.

Connect to pc, open seas0npass, click on create ipsw, no issues with entering dfu mode, pc finds device in dfu mode, proceeds to restoring firmware, extracting software, hear device disconect, reconnect a couple times with pc, then receive error firmware restore failed.

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Jailbreak Will Not Work - Apple TV 2


I have been trying for days to jailbreak an apple tv 2 but have had no luck. I am running OS X Sierra 10.12.1 and have also tried on Windows 7 but no luck. Am I missing something? I follow all of the directions but no go. Any help would be appreciated.

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firmware restore failed after dfu mode


I get to the dfu mode and then it says firmware restore failed. I tried plugging in the power cord. still doesn't work. Any ideas?

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Process failed with reason: Filesystem patches failed


I'm getting an error

Process failed with reason: Filesystem patches failed

Anyone found a resolution to this? I can't seem to find anything on the forum. I'm running an ATV2 on 5.3 using 0.97

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ATV 2 won't let me login with AppleID


Hello gentle people,

I have an ATV2 jailbroken with firmware V5.03, but it won't let me login with my appleid - it says that I need to create a new appleid and reverts back to the login prompt.

Had anyone else had this issue? I have tried searching the forum but could not find any discussion around this issue.


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Seas0nPass crashed


Hey everybody i have some problems i buy a atv2 and want to jailbreak it so i put my iTunes on the news version and my macbook to, then i download the newest version of Seas0nPass and start it it runs and runs and then its crashed