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PLex client doesn't show up in menu


Hi Guys

I have just installed Plex client, but the client doesn't show up in the atv2 menu bar.

Have any of guys seen this before?

Kind regards

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Can't uninstall XMBC


When I try to uninstall XMBC via the Maintenance menu it fails with an error:

Removal Failed!  E: dpkg was interrupted.  you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct problem.'

Then when I got to the main menu screen I see this:



Anyone else seen this?  Can I safely delete the application via SSH?

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XBMC lock setting


Does anyone know how to get pass the lock setting screen when sharing a folder from you mac??

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XBMC crash


I have used xbmc a lot since I installed in the beginning of July this year via ATV Flash (Black).

Since yesterday I have not been able to access XBMC.  All I get is a flash on the TV and a 'blink' on the Apple TV 2.  After that the Apple TV 2 just restarts.  This happens over and over.

I have tried to remove XBMC through Nito TV, but that did not help.


Any suggestions ?





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SMB Sharing Not working


I'm trying XBMC, and now when i try to add video i get an 'error share not found'. I had it working b4, and i dunno what happened. Weird thing is AFP sharing works. Only other thing i can think of is that the xbmc youtube works, but wont login - just keeps saying 'plugin failed'.

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Which XBMC build ships with aTV Flash (black) and how do I upgrade?


As per subject, I'm on the lookout to upgrade my default installation of XBMC that aTV Flash (black) installs via the extras which is based on the 10.x branch with a newer one off the 11.x branch of code. Anyone knows which version aTV Flash (black) installs and how to upgrade to the current stable one?

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Remote HD troubles


When i install remote HD, its restart and write that is installing good, but i can't find remote hd in main menu(((( I install trough nitoTV or through SSH through terminal, but won't install((( anybody have idea? cuz i reading all google but don't find like this...

P.S. Sorry for my English

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Connecting OLD Apple TV to NEW Apple TV


I have an older, FireCore flashed Apple TV which has numerous AVI files on it. Is there a way for the NEW Apple TV to recognize the old Apple TV and pull AVI files from it directly from the NEW Apple TV menu.
I am assuming at this point there is NO WAY to attach an external drive (or USB DRIVE) to NEW Apple TV. That would be the easiest method.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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plex not appearing


When I install Plex via fire core black, It doesn't show up anywhere on the UI. Am I missing something? I even tried installing in manually, and nothing!

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Plex - Sound Issues


Hey guys,

So I usually try to figure this stuff out on my own, but I have been trying for about a week now to no avail. I didn't see any related posts to my issue either, so here it goes...

When I play some of my movies through Plex, the audio levels for the film are obnoxiously loud, causing clipping and major distortion in louder scenes. I tried doing a test just to see if it was the video files themselves by playing them through Media Player and XMBC, and they both played the movies fine at normal volume levels. However, I can't really use Media Player or XMBC because the buffering issues in both of those players make it impossible to really watch anything.

So basically, if I want to watch something, I have to use PLEX, but the sound is so bad that it makes me want to throw my Apple TV in the trash. Is there a way to fix this? The files I am trying to play are MKVs.

Also, when I first installed PLEX it didn't have this problem. One day it just started maximizing all the volume levels for no reason (I don't think I did anything, but maybe I did! Yikes!) and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get it to play the files normally.

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