Deck the halls with Infuse 2.1

Ho, ho, ho. Over the past two weeks we've had an amazing response to the release of Infuse 2, and some awesome suggestions from all of you to go along with it. Cult of Mac recently named Infuse 2 “The best media player for iPhone and iPad” and today we're happy to announce Infuse is getting even better in version 2.1, which is available just in time for the holidays.

Infuse 2.1 is overflowing with holiday cheer as now free users can play even more video formats! We've also added some other great new things including an all-new variable speed scrubbing option, support for more subtitles, better translations and a whole bunch of under-the-hood magic to make enjoying your favorite videos on your iPhone or iPad better than ever.

More features for free users

Free users can now join in more of the fun as we've unlocked the ability for them to play a much wider variety of video formats. For those looking to get the most from their videos, Infuse Pro is available as an optional In-App purchase that enables a number of powerful features including network streaming, AirPlay, Dolby Digital mobile surround sound, and more.

Variable speed scrubbing

One of the more noticeable improvements in 2.1 is the addition of an all-new variable speed scrubbing option. Variable speed scrubbing is a great way to fast-forward or rewind with the ultimate level of control. To activate variable speed scrubbing just hold the playback position dot and drag down to get finer control, or up to increase the scrubbing speed.

Full list of changes

  • Free users can now play more formats!
  • Variable speed scrubbing (drag position dot down for finer control)
  • Improved accuracy while scrubbing
  • Better movie artwork
  • SMI subtitles
  • Improved Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, and Spanish translations
  • Many other fixes and improvements

Infuse 2.1 is now available as a FREE download in the App Store.

We'll be back with more exciting features soon. Smile

Happy Holidays!

Download Infuse 2 for iOS
click here to learn more about Infuse 2.

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Infuse 2 now available

Today we're very excited to announce the release of Infuse 2 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Infuse 2 introduces a stunning, all-new design for iOS 7 and also features the ability to stream videos from other devices such as a Mac, PC, or network drive.

All-new design

When we first designed Infuse, we had a few simple goals...make a solid app that looks great and is fun to use. With Infuse 2 we've stuck to that same mantra, while at the same time updating the look and feel with a more modern iOS 7 inspired style. What we ended up with is a fantastic balance between clean lines, content, and personality.

Concise video details are surrounded by rich movie artwork that now run from edge to edge. Set behind the ticket is a dynamic background that changes color depending on which title is currently being displayed. Infuse 2 is an app that brings your content to life, and we think its' the most beautiful thing we've ever designed.

Stream from other devices

By far the most requested feature we've had is to be able to stream content without syncing, and with Infuse 2 that dream is now a reality. Infuse 2 empowers you to browse and play content on almost any Mac, PC, or network drive without having to wait for files to transfer or sync. Naturally, we've also made it so features such as AirPlay, subtitles, and trakt scrobbling work while streaming as well.

Infuse 2 is free!

We think Infuse 2 is pretty amazing, and want to allow as many people as possible to enjoy we're making Infuse 2 a FREE app. With the free version you can play everything the normal iOS player can, plus use additional features like drag-and-drop browser uploads, on-the-fly subtitle downloads, trakt scrobbling, and more. No ads, no gimmicks...just a great free app.

Infuse Pro

For those looking to get the most from their videos, we're introducing a new premium option dubbed Infuse Pro. Infuse Pro adds the ability to play additional video formats, stream from network devices, enable multi-format AirPlay and much, much more.

Infuse Pro is one-time In-App purchase, and is now available at an introductory price of $4.99. However as a way of saying thanks, Infuse Pro is a FREE upgrade for those who purchased Infuse 1.5 or earlier.

Note: Current Infuse users should tap the 'Restore' button instead of 'Upgrade Now' on the Infuse Pro upgrade prompt.

Infuse 2 is now available as a FREE download in the App Store.

Enjoy. Smile

Download Infuse 2 for iOS
click here to learn more about Infuse 2.

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Infuse 2 for iOS coming this fall

Infuse 2 is being redesigned from the ground up to be sleeker, faster, and easier to use, and will include a fresh new iOS 7 inspired look. We're also adding a number of exciting all-new 'Pro' features, including the much-anticipated ability to browse and play videos stored on other devices such as a Mac, PC or NAS.

In Infuse 2 every pixel has been redrawn, and every bit of code freshened up to ensure it works seamlessly with iOS 7. In essence, Infuse 2 is an entirely new app. Even with all of this, we've decided to thank all of you and make Infuse 2, including all the Pro features, a FREE update!

Free update, really?
Yes, really...we love you. Wink

Will Infuse 2 run on my device?
Infuse 2 will work on any iDevice running iOS 7 or later.

When is it coming?
Infuse 2 will be available this fall.

I haven't purchased Infuse yet, can I get in on this?
Of course. Anyone who downloads Infuse prior to the release of version 2 can get the Pro features for free.

What do I need to do? *Important*
In order to unlock the Pro features coming in Infuse 2, all you need to do is open the 1.5 version (before the release of version 2) and take advantage of the free In-App purchase option that appears.

That's it. All the Pro-level goodies coming in Infuse 2 will be yours to keep, for free.

Infuse 1.5 update - yay!

With all that said, we're releasing Infuse 1.5 today. This update includes some great new features, and a few fixes that hopefully makes the wait for Infuse 2 a little less painful.

Here's what's new...

TV show groups

Nobody likes a messy library, and in 1.5 Infuse cleans house by grouping all TV shows together by season. Each season will appear with its own poster on the home screen, and when tapped reveals a ticket with a new episode selection bar.

Gesture controls

Getting around videos is now easier than ever with swipe gesture controls. Swipe once to seek forward or back 30 seconds, or use multiple swipes to a quickly seek a few minutes or more into a video. A dedicated 30 second rewind button has also been added to the playback bar.

The little things

Also included in 1.5 are a few small enhancements including a subtitles toggle switch, saved playback settings, and other performance improvements and fixes. We're always looking for ways to improve, so feel free to chime-in with your comments below or drop us a quick note.

Infuse 1.5 is now available as a free update in the App Store.


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Infuse 1.4 now available

In early August Infuse got a healthy dose of AirPlay streaming, and since then we've been listening intently to all of you who have been using it to see how we could make it even better.

Today we're happy to release Infuse 1.4 that includes quite a few goodies that mainly revolve around improved AirPlay, performance, and efficiency. 

Here's the whole scoop on what's new in 1.4...

Subtitles over AirPlay

We've taken our AirPlay integration a step further by adding the ability to send subtitles along with video when using AirPlay. Now, with just a few taps you can add subtitles from OpenSubtitles to videos and stream them to your TV. You can even pick and choose from the available subtitles right on the Apple TV! It just works.


AirPlay in the background

Infuse now does a much better job of allowing you to move between apps while playing videos. Not only is this just very handy, it also allows for improved battery life while streaming over AirPlay.

Wi-Fi uploads

Performance, speed, efficiency

Last but not least, we've refined and improved many aspects of Infuse to provide the best possible experience. The improvements included in 1.4 have led to smoother and crisper videos, better battery life, and a 30% reduction in the app size itself.

Infuse 1.4 is now available as a free update in the App Store.

We'll be back with more exciting features soon.

Enjoy! Smile

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