aTV Flash 4.1.5 - Improvements All-Around

A few notable improvements included in this version are outlined below.

Dharma on AppleTV – Bleeding edge users rejoice, the latest and greatest nightly builds (Dharma) are now available for one-click downloading.

Harmony remote support – Use your Harmony remote as it was intended…to make your life easier. Full support for this remote during DVD playback is now supported.

Fixed missing intro video sound – A conflict between the new 5.1 AC3 sound component and the standard Apple audio component has been fixed.  This allows full 5.1 AC3 sound both iTunes and non-iTunes media.

Prettier graphics - We’ve added rich graphics to make browsing files more enjoyable. Naturally if you files have cover art attached these images will still be displayed.

aTV Flash on the big screen – Not sure why it took this long, but the aTV Flash demo can now be downloaded and viewed directly on the AppleTV (with aTV Flash installed of course).  Download via Maintenance –> Install Extras and view via nitoTV –> Files.

Much more – Many other minor improvements are also included. These improvements are like referees in a football game, going unnoticed is a good thing.