Infuse 7.3 - All Wrapped Up

As 2021 winds down, we are happy to release Infuse 7.3 with many great additions.

Spatial audio and AirPlay for Mac

Infuse for Mac gets a huge injection of functionality with the addition of Spatial audio and AirPlay 2 support. Now Mac users can join in and enjoy the best possible sound when listening through other devices like AirPods, HomePods, or Apple TV. Like iOS and Apple TV, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking brings theater-like sound that surrounds you from the movie or video you're watching, so that it seems as if the sound is coming from all around you. The sound field stays mapped to the device, and the voice stays with the actor or action on screen. Learn more about spatial audio

AirPlay for Mac

More Dolby Vision & HDR

Dolby Vision and HDR come in many flavors, and in this update we've worked hard to support more variants on more devices. This includes adding Dolby Vision (Profile 5) support on Mac, support for Dolby Vision when using Picture-in-Picture (PiP), plus improved handling for a few files that weren't working quite right before. Our goal is that when you push PLAY in Infuse you get a beautiful picture on whatever device you happen to be using.

Dolby Vision

Faster Emby/Jellyfin sync

The Emby and Jellyfin integrations in 7.3 get a huge speed boost! This includes faster scanning and syncing, as well as more reliable updates for things like Playlists, watched statuses, and ratings. This is especially noticeable for those with larger libraries, but should still be helpful for libraries which are more down-to-earth as well. Don't forget to install the new version of the InfuseSync plugin on your Emby/Jellyfin server in order to take advantage of all the new changes.

Emby & Jellyfin

Under-the-hood fixes and improvements

A huge part of this update is focused on internal changes. These aren't always sexy or fun, but they are what makes the Infuse experience what it is. Other changes here include playback improvements, faster browsing, improved handling of some audio formats, enhancements for macOS 12, and many other fixes and improvements to keep everything running smoothly. Check out the full list of what's new if you are curious.


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 🎄🎅