Infuse 7.4 - Let’s Get Organized

Infuse 7.4 has arrived and includes a host of great improvements.

One of the key focus areas for this release is organization and browsing functionality in the Library. This includes a number of great quality-of-life improvements that make using Infuse easier and more enjoyable. Read on for more info on what’s new.

Customizable collections

Infuse has long included automatic grouping of sequels into ‘Collections’ based on info provided by TMDB. Now, in addition to using the automatic grouping, you can create your own collections for even more flexibility. This allows you to group a set of similar movies or TV shows (or a combination of the two). For example, you could create a custom collection to group Marvel Universe titles (Iron Man, Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., etc...), create one for Looney Tunes shorts, or group your latest spring break videos. It’s your world, so the possibilities are endless!

Custom Collections

Smarter browsing for TV shows

TV show browsing is now much improved and seasons are now intuitively grouped together on a single series page. Entering a series page will automatically queue up the next episode to watch, and you can then navigate to other seasons and episodes as you wish.

TV seasons

Logos for movies and shows

The details page gets a minor facelift with the addition of movie and TV show logos from TMDB. These will appear on the details page while browsing, to provide a more engaging design for each title’s page.


Multi-select for bulk tasks

Managing files is now easier with the addition of multi-select for many common tasks, including adding files to a playlist or collection, downloads (iOS/macOS), and deletions.


Skip to next episode

Don’t let pesky credits get in the way of your multi-season binge. When you get near the end of an episode, a subtle Next Episode button will appear alongside the playback controls. Hitting this will mark the currently playing item as fully watched and whoosh you straight to the next episode.

Next Episode

Expanded TV show lists

The list of recently added shows gets a big limit increase. This list will now display the latest 30 series, which could include hundreds or even thousands of individual episodes.

Recently Added Shows

Ready for Jellyfin 10.8

We’ve tuned things up to work with Jellyfin’s hot new 10.8 release. After installing the new Jellyfin update be sure to grab the latest version of InfuseSync (currently 1.4.2) on your Jellyfin server for the best overall experience.

Jellyfin 10.8

Other minor improvements and fixes

Many other small improvements and fixes are part of this release, so be sure to check out the full list of what’s new.


We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions — so please feel free to post a message in our community forum, @ us on Twitter, or drop us a note anytime.

Enjoy! 🙂