Infuse 7.5 - Trailers & Smart Groups

The latest version of Infuse is here and it’s better than ever!

This release includes some of the top-requested features we’ve received from all of our amazing users, and we think you are going to love what we’ve been working on for you.

Play trailers for movies and shows

Video trailers have arrived! You can now access a massive catalog of 250,000+ movie and TV show trailers and stream them with a simple tap directly within the app. Trailers are a great way to preview videos in your library for yourself or friends and family, allowing everyone to get a quick overview of the movie to see if it’s the right vibe. Trailers are available to all current Pro subscribers at no additional cost. 🙌

Pro tip: Access additional trailers and content by long-pressing the Trailer button.


Organize movies into Smart Groups

The new Smart Groups feature is a great way to group different versions of the same title together in your Library. This could be things like different resolutions (1080p, 4K etc...), different releases (Director’s Cut, Theatrical Cut, etc...), videos spread across multiple files/discs (Part 1, Part 2, etc...), duplicates of the same file you have stored in different locations, or any combination of these you happen to have. When multiple versions are present, Infuse will automatically add tags for each — and you can add your own custom tags, if you wish.

Pro tip: Fine-tune the auto-selected version by adjusting the ‘Select Version’ option found in the ‘Settings > Collections & Groups’ menu.

Smart Groups

Even more Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision comes in many different flavors, and today we’re adding expanded support for Dolby Vision Profile 8. Profile 8 is a unique format, as it includes both a Dolby Vision layer and an HDR layer. It has been used by Apple for many of their screensaver videos, and now more of these videos can be played natively in Infuse in full Dolby Vision. By default, the best video playback option will automatically be selected based on the video file and the device you are using, and you can change how this works by adjusting the Extended Dolby Vision option found in Infuse > Settings > Playback.

Note: Since Profile 8 has a number of different sub-variants with a wide variety of characteristics, a portion of Profile 8 videos will gracefully fall back to playing in HDR10 — which will still look great. 🙂

Dolby Vision

Playback core improvements

Our primary goal with Infuse has always been to deliver excellent picture and sound when you press play — with every single video. In this update, we’ve revamped a hefty chunk of the playback internals, and modernized a number of areas to allow us to continue providing unparalleled playback performance and accuracy across all Apple platforms. These changes also include improved error correction for files which may be a little bit wonky (due to encoding and/or mastering issues) allowing these to now play beautifully — just like you’d expect.

Updated player

Many other improvements and fixes

Many other improvements and fixes are part of this release, so be sure to check out the full list of what’s new.


We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions — so please feel free to continue the conversation in our community forum.

Thanks for using Infuse! 🧡