Infuse 3 Has Arrived...With DTS!

Infuse 3

We've been pretty busy over the past few months working on Infuse 3, and we're super-excited that we are able to share it with you today.

Simply put, Infuse 3 is a massive update. It's been fully optimized for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and adds a bunch of amazing new things including DTS-HD® audio, mophie space pack access, AirStash® streaming, an all-new dark mode, and a host of other niceties that make the whole Infuse experience just that much better.

DTS and DTS-HD audio (finally!)

After working closely with DTS over the past 2 years, we're extremely proud to announce that Infuse is the first and only iOS app in its class to include fully certified DTS® and DTS-HD® audio. Today, every major film studio in the United States uses DTS multi-channel digital sound, and virtually all major Hollywood feature films are released with soundtracks in the DTS format. Infuse + DTS = the richest mobile cinema experience - period.


Get more built-in local storage

Get up to 64GB more storage on your iPhone by adding a mophie space pack. The space pack is the world’s first rechargeable battery case with local built-in storage made for iPhone 5s & iPhone 5, and best of all it now works with Infuse, seamlessly.

mophie space pack

Stay entertained on the go

Bring your whole collection of favorite TV shows, HD movies, and home videos on long road trips or flights by streaming from portable Wi-Fi devices like AirStash®, Sandisk Connect, and many others. The extra capacity will ensure you will never be bored again!


And a mountain of other goodies...

  • Optimized for iOS 8, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Streaming is now available to free users
  • Share synced files via AirDrop
  • Create favorites for quick access to streamed folders
  • Download content from the main ticket view
  • Huge improvements for browsing TV show collections
  • Dark mode theme
  • Download/stream synced files via HTTP
  • Download videos in the background
  • Use your own folder artwork (folder.png or folder.jpg)
  • Default language options for audio, subtitles, and metadata
  • Sync/stream over 4G/LTE cellular
  • Manual artwork for folders (use folder.jpg or folder.png)
  • Mark movies and shows as watched/unwatched
  • 2-way trakt watched history sync
  • Sort files by name or date
  • Tap ticket artwork to start video playback
  • Manual movie/show title search
  • Transfer files via Wi-Fi when iPhone is acting as a hotspot
  • Initial URL scheme for video streaming
  • Better support for subtitle encoding types
  • Better support for some TV series
  • Better handling of new and past In-App purchases
  • Improved AirPlay reliability
  • Improved subtitle support for Arabic languages
  • Improved playback of some h.264 content
  • Resolved issues with missing synced iTunes content
  • Various UI updates
  • Many other reliability and performance improvements

Awesome upgrade pricing

For a limited time we're offering a HUGE discount to those upgrading from older versions. After downloading Infuse 3, just tap the ‘Upgrade to Infuse Pro’ option found in the sidebar menu to unlock all the new features. And hey, if you’re not in a position to grab a copy of Infuse Pro right now, no problem - we're giving you a bunch of the new features anyway. :-)

Note: All existing Pro features from Infuse 2 will transfer to Infuse 3. More details can be found here.


We're so incredibly thankful to people like you who have supported us up to this point. It's a privilege and an honor to be able to touch so many people with the things we create, and without you none of this would be possible. We think you're going to love this new release so I hope you check out everything that's new in Infuse 3.

Also, we'd love to hear from you - so please feel free to post a comment below or drop us a note with any thoughts or questions you may have.

All the best,

James Abeler

James Abeler
Founder, Firecore