Infuse 3.3 Now Available

Infuse 3.3

Infuse 3.3 has arrived, and with it brings a whole host of under-the-hood improvements and features to make life better than ever before.

High-performance playback core

After the whirlwind of features added in the last few versions, we decided to take a step back and work to make things better from the inside out. We've entirely revamped the guts of what makes Infuse tick, and the end result is a shiny, brand-new playback core designed for speed and performance (seriously, it's really great). 

Google Cast background playback

Our mission in life over the past few months has been to provide awesome support for Google Cast, and today we're taking a huge step forward towards that goal by adding background playback. Infuse now features the ability to continue Casting to your TV while using other apps, or while your device is locked. Boom!

All-new Dolby Audio library

We've been working closely with our friends at Dolby on an all-new audio library to ensure you hear nothing but crystal clear sound while enjoying your movies and TV shows. Because let's face it, crisp, clear audio is waaayy better than hearing silence.

Plus a few other bits...

  • Auto-add existing subtitles when downloading videos from network shares
  • Improved metadata matching for Plex TV shows
  • Better support for direct URLs with embedded signatures
  • Option to manually toggle Dolby Audio effects
  • Resolved a rare WebDAV setup issue
  • Squashed a few more SSA subtitle bugs
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when opening the app
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

Thanks so much for using Infuse. We'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to post a comment below or drop us a note with any thoughts or questions you may have.