Infuse 4 for iOS - Now Available

Infuse 4 for iOS has arrived!

At first glance, Infuse 4 may look like something you've seen before, but that is where the similarities end. We've gone deep under the hood to make significant changes in just about every area. The end result is an all-new playback core, built on modern frameworks, that take full advantage of Apple's latest hardware. Naturally, we've also added a few other goodies as on for more details.

High-performance playback

Our new high-performance playback core has been optimized to work great with newer devices, including the iPad Pro. We've also fine-tuned things for speedy browsing, great battery life, and silky-smooth playback of videos with resolutions up to 4K.

High-performance player

Accessibility now comes standard

Robust support for VoiceOver is now baked right into Infuse. This allows our blind or low-vision users to easily enjoy everything Infuse has to offer. All features, including browsing shares, reading movie titles/descriptions, adjusting settings, and controlling playback are available.


Custom favorite artwork

Make Infuse your own by adding custom artwork for favorites and folders. These will appear right on the home screen when opening Infuse - ensuring your folders look just as good as the videos inside them.


Optimized for iPad Pro

Pro devices demand Pro apps, and we've optimized everything to look and function great on the highest resolution device in the iOS family. We've spruced a few things up for other devices as well. ;)

iPad Pro

Everything that's new in 4.0

  • All-new playback core, with many, many improvements and optimizations
  • Optimized for iPad Pro
  • Full VoiceOver support
  • Faster (like way faster) metadata fetching
  • Custom artwork for favorites and folders
  • 5 all-new video zoom options
  • Extra display options for subtitle font, size, and weight
  • Landscape lock for iPad
  • Extra sort order options
  • Streaming related optimizations and improvements
  • Improved default audio track selection
  • Improved playback and rendering of 4K videos
  • Improved title sorting
  • Improved reliability of AirPlay and Google Cast
  • Many subtle UI improvements
  • Many, many, many other minor improvements and fixes

Note: Infuse 4 requires iOS 8 or later.

4.0.3 for Apple TV is also out today, and includes

  • Stream audio to AirPlay speakers
  • DivX/Xvid (.avi) support
  • Additional font size/weight options for subtitles
  • Option to use edge taps to jump between chapters
  • Option to hide Recently Watched on home screen
  • 10s icon while hovering
  • Improved SMB loading times
  • Improved audio track selection logic
  • Improved Favorite edit screen
  • Improved error resilience for SMB connections
  • Improved metadata fetching
  • Adjusted title sorting
  • Updated localizations
  • Disabled false positive playback warnings
  • Various playback improvements
  • A few other minor fixes

Upgrade to Infuse 4 today...for free!

Yes, your heard that right! We're making Infuse 4 a free upgrade for all current Infuse users (v3 or later). Your current Pro features will transfer over automatically, and you can take advantage of all the new goodness v4 has to offer without paying an extra cent. And, as an added bonus, your Pro features also transfer over to Infuse 4 for the new Apple TV (and vice versa, of course).

Keep an eye out for even more exciting features coming soon.

That's all for now.