Infuse 5.1 - Search & Collections

The latest version of Infuse for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV is here, and it brings with it some pretty awesome things we think you're going to love. Here's a quick rundown of what's new...

Movie collections

Infuse now automagically tidies up your Library by grouping sequels into collections. Can't remember the name of the second Fast and Furious movie, or the third Bond film with Sean Connery? Wonder no more - just search or browse for a collection and all titles will be grouped together and ordered by their release date. Boom! Collections are available in all existing Library categories, or through the new dedicated Collections section - which may come in handy if you're looking for a full series to binge on.


Super-fast search

Find what you're looking for in a flash with our new super-fast search for Apple TV. Search by entering a single letter, or use Siri to dictate a full title. Infuse will instantly start searching for movies, collections, and TV series/episodes. Finding something great to watch has never been easier.


Plus even more...

We've also baked in a few other goodies like video deinterlacing, 3D touch, and a number of other improvements. A complete list of what's new can found here. You can also take a peek at some of the great new things we're working on for 5.2, and vote on other features you'd like to see added in future updates in our new feature request section.

Upgrade and save 30%

The release of Infuse 5 last month brought with it many great new features, and in the spirit of Christmas we've decided to extend the 30% discount through the end of the year! Anyone who subscribes to the new Infuse Pro during 2016 will be able to lock in a permanent 30% price discount. That's right, you'll get the discount this year, and every year after as well! Having an annual subscription to Infuse Pro ensures you always have the latest and greatest version, and empowers us to continue adding great new features and get them into your hands faster than ever before.

To take advantage of this discount, simply download Infuse 5 and start your free month long trial of Infuse Pro before 2017 arrives. If you prefer a one-time purchase we have a standalone Pro version available as well.


We're super-grateful for your support, and as always love hearing from you - so please feel free to post a comment below or drop us a note with any thoughts or questions you may have.

Happy Holidays! 🎅🎄