Infuse 5.8 - Seek and Find

Today we're rolling out a little 5.8 update with a long-awaited feature: Live preview scrubbing. 🙌

Live preview scrubbing

Infuse will now display a small thumbnail while seeking forward or back through your videos, making it much easier to find the exact scene you are looking for. Live preview scrubbing is available on both iOS and Apple TV, and works with all video and network share types.

Live Preview Scrubbing

And much, much more...

A number of other awesome improvements have been packed into recent releases, and a complete list of what's new can be found here.

Do more with Pro

Enjoy more video formats, iCloud sync, lossless HD audio, and more when you go Pro. Download Infuse 5 today and test drive all the awesome new Pro features for an entire month, for free!

We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions – so please feel free to post a comment below or drop us a note anytime.

Enjoy! 😎