Infuse 6.1 - Collections & More

Infuse 6.1 is now available, and includes some great new features.

Plex collections

Our friends using Plex can now join in the fun by accessing Collections. Collections are sets of related videos which are automatically grouped together under a single item. These can be found while browsing the ‘All Movies’ and ‘Collections’ sections in the library.

Plex collections

Better TV episode downloads

Sync TV shows faster than ever with new download options. Now, when downloading TV episodes you'll also have the option to download the entire season, or just the episodes you haven't seen yet. More bingy, less tappy—yay!

TV downloads

A host of other under-the-hood changes

Packed into this release are a number of internal changes, ranging from better iCloud sync to enhanced frame-rate detection to improved HomePod support which are aimed at ensuring everything keeps working smoothly, no matter what type of videos you're playing or which device you choose to enjoy them on. A complete list of what's new can be found here.

Many good things to come

Apple announced a host of great new enhancements for iOS/tvOS 13, and we've been hard at work integrating these for upcoming versions of Infuse. More news on these features will be available in the coming weeks. #staytuned

We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions—so please feel free to post a message in our forum, @ us on Twitter or drop us a note anytime.

Enjoy! 😊