Infuse 6.2 - Playlists, Playlists, Playlists

Infuse 6.2 is available today and includes some fancy new features.

All-new custom playlists

Playlists have arrived in Infuse 6.2! Now with just a few taps you can easily group lists of your favorite movies, shows, and home videos together. Playlists sync via iCloud (Pro only), so your lists will always be up-to-date no matter which device you find yourself using. Playlists can also be pinned to the home screen on Apple TV for quick and easy access.


Loop and shuffle

Loop and shuffle are making their debut in 6.2. These handy new options can be used for just about anything, including: playlists, folders, library categories, and more. Shuffle play random episodes from your favorite TV series, set up a looping playlist of Peppa Pig episodes for your little ones, or just sit back and watch the entire LoTR trilogy in order. The options are endless.

Loop and shuffle

More external storage

Get more space for your favorite videos on iOS. Infuse now supports direct playback from USB devices on iPad, as well as the latest SanDisk iXpand Go flash drives. iXpand devices will appear right inside Infuse, and USB devices can be accessed via the iOS Files app or through the ‘via Documents’ option in Infuse.

More USB drives

Plus a few other improvements...

We've also squeezed in a smattering of other small under-the-hood changes to help things work better than ever before. A complete list of what's new can be found here.


We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions—so please feel free to post a message in our forum, @ us on Twitter or drop us a note anytime.

Thanks so much for using Infuse! 😊