Infuse 6.4 - Emby & Jellyfin

Infuse 6.4 is now available and is packed with a host of amazing new things.

Native Emby & Jellyfin

Emby and Jellyfin have arrived! Infuse is now able to integrate seamlessly with these servers, providing an easy way to browse, play, and download videos — all while taking advantage of the advanced playback features offered in Infuse. Of course, things like watched history and playback progress will stay in sync, automatically.

Emby and Jellyfin

Spoiler-free shows

No longer will the plot of a suspenseful series be foiled by a passing glance at an episode overview or thumbnail. In 6.4 descriptions and thumbnails for unwatched episodes can be blurred. If you simply can't avoid the temptation, a quick double-tap on the blurred text will reveal it. Hide Spoilers is an optional feature which can be enabled in Infuse > Settings > General.


Improved ratings, air dates, and HDR tags

Star ratings have been revamped, and are now more precise and useful. With this update it's easier than ever to decide between a movie that is just ok, versus one that is totally ninja! We've also squeezed in TV episode air dates and HDR/DV tags, which are handy to have while browsing through your library.

New ratings

Plus some other things

We've also packed in a slew full of other improvements and fixes to ensure everything continue working smoothly. A complete list of what's new can be found here.


We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions — so please feel free to post a message in our shiny new community forum, @ us on Twitter or drop us a note anytime.

Thanks so much for using Infuse! 😊