Infuse 7.1 - Supercharged Metadata

Today we are extremely proud to announce the release of Infuse 7.1, with some great new things.

Metadata powered by TMDB

Infuse now uses TMDB metadata for both movies and TV shows! TMDB is the leading community-driven metadata database featuring 675K+ movies, 115K+ TV shows, and 2M+ images — all ready and available to beautify your library! TMDB also has an army of passionate contributors who collectively work to make over 300K edits every single week for both new and existing content.

Infuse has relied on TMDB for movies since its inception, and moving to TMDB for TV shows allows Infuse to display higher-quality images, support additional languages, and provide enhanced fetching speed and accuracy. After installing 7.1, existing TV shows in you library will be updated with the new info from TMDB...automatically.

Metadata by TMDb

Fresh new faces

There are few things more important when it comes to movies and TV shows than the cast and crew, and now pictures of these talented folks are displayed front and center when viewing video details. Also, character names are now listed below which may make settling late-night trivia challenges a bit easier.

Cast artwork

Cast and crew search

In addition to viewing headshots while browsing, you can view other works by a specific actor, director, writer, etc... by simply tapping on their profile image found on the details page. Infuse's standard search can also be used to search for specific people and display all the movies and TV shows in which they have starred in.

Cast and crew search


We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions — so please feel free to post a message in our community forum, @ us on Twitter or drop us a note anytime.

Thanks so much for using Infuse! 🙂